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For this week’s #ScienceNews and #Innovation, how are you feeling about that post-doc? According to this article, post-docs “have all the academic science skills you don’t need, and none of the organizational skills that you do”.

On a brighter note, mentorship is the key to success, be it in industry or academia. Read about these excellent mentorship experiences for some inspiration.

Things look grim, according to this new study, as scientists are leaving the academic workforce at an unprecedented rate.

Finally, remember to check out our paper written in collaboration with the Science Career Impact Project on non-academic careers for life sciences PhDs!

Her S, Jacob MD, Wang S, Xu S, Sealey DCF. 2018. Non-academic employability of life science PhDs: the importance of training beyond the bench. bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/485268″


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