Getting Started: Market Research Basics for Job Seekers

Written by: Abhiram Pushparaj So you're about to graduate and while you've spent the last few years of your life learning everything there is to know about [insert thesis title here], you're not exactly sure how much of that is going to help you land a job, apart from a post-doctoral position, of course.  What you [...]

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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Girish Sardana, Territory Sales Representative at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Written by Abhiram Pushparaj Dr. Girish Sardana, Territory Sales Representative at Thermo Fisher Scientific Once the Chair of the Career Seminar Series, Dr. Girish Sardana continues to be a valuable member of the LSCDS community. “There is a great vision amongst the current executives…to make the LSCDS into its own unique brand”. Girish received his Ph.D. [...]

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The Key to a Unique Resume? Create Your Own Opportunities

I never did jump onto Facebook, so I’ve never had the chance to “cybercreep” on strangers’ personal lives.  I do however have LinkedIn and I can tell you, with absolutely no shame, I look at strangers’ profiles and examine career progressions all the time.  Once in a while, I come across a profile that I [...]

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NeuroEntrepreneurs: Dr. Shiva Amiri and the OBI Entrepreneurs Program

  Last month I had the good fortune of attending a seminar given by Dr. Shiva Amiri on entrepreneurship and opportunities at the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI).  Dr. Amiri is the Manager of Informatics and Analytics at OBI and, among many other responsibilities, leads the development and implementation of Brain-CODE - a large-scale informatics platform [...]

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Where Would you Fit In? Big Pharma vs. Small Start-Up

Written by: Abhiram Pushparaj You've likely heard of the big names in biopharmaceutical industry, but how many small start-ups could you name?  Overshadowed by the industry giants, small start-ups are often where many blockbuster drugs are born and raised for their early years before being licensed or acquired by the giants with the capital and expertise [...]

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From neuropeptides to financial services technology solutions? A case demonstrating the value of transferable skills

Written by: Abhiram Pushparaj I first met Reuben De Almeida during undergrad at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), where we were both specializing in Neuroscience. After graduation we went our separate ways but saw each other occasionally as we both pursued graduate studies in the Life Sciences at UofT. Recently, I had the good fortune [...]

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