Pulling Back the Curtains on the World of Journal Editing

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse Many of us dream of getting published in top-tier journals. Some achieve that dream. But what determines whether your paper will even get reviewed? The gatekeepers to publication at scientific journals are journal editors. Editors read papers as they come in and decide whether they will get sent out for [...]

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Some Takeaways from September’s Career Seminar: Financial Literacy 101

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse It's probably fair to say that most graduate students don't think too much about managing their money. Some of us might have started saving or have had to navigate debt, but generally we're focused on how little money we actually have. Nevertheless, according to this month's Career Seminar Series speaker [...]

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ITCS, A Look Back On Two Years

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse A major source of frustration for freshly-graduated job seekers is job descriptions asking for industry experience. For those immersed in academia, this can be hard to get. LSCDS's Industry Team Case Study (ITCS) gives trainees the opportunity to gain experience in completing industry-relevant projects before they go out into the [...]

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The 2017 LSCDS Networking Reception

By Anastassia Pogoutse In networking, one of the biggest hurdles is finding people with the time and willingness to talk. LSCDS's annual Networking Reception, which took place this year on Thursday, February 23, offers an opportunity to meet with industry professionals, all of whom are there with the purpose of sharing their experiences and [...]

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How To Start A Company – Entrepreneurship 100: Conversations

If you're interested in entrepreneurship, Toronto is full of opportunities. However, many would-be entrepreneurs don't know where to start. Entrepreneurship 100: Conversations offer a stepping stone. Organized by the Impact Centre, it is a series in which panels of early-career entrepreneurs discuss their experiences and take questions from the audience. A networking event follows [...]

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Careers In Healthcare Marketing

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse On November 29th, Jessica Wong from CPC Healthcare Communications visited the University of Toronto and held a brief information session on healthcare marketing. The information session, hosted by Dr. Nana Lee, Director of Graduate Professional Development, aimed to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to the world of healthcare marketing and to [...]

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Careers in Medical Affairs – The Medical Science Liaison

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse On September 15, LSCDS had its first presentation of this year's Seminar Series. September's theme was Medical Affairs and our speaker was Nastaran Abbarin, a former co-Vice President of LSCDS who now works as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL). Nastaran defended her thesis this past spring and was able to land [...]

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Get ready for LSCDS’s 10th Annual Career Day!

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse LSCDS's 10th Annual Career Day is coming up fast! This year, it will be held on May 6th, with sessions split between Sidney Smith and the Medical Sciences Building. As in previous years, attendees will have a unique chance to network with industry professionals and to attend career-focused panels. What is Career [...]

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Why (and How) You Should Use Twitter for Professional Development

Twitter, the up-to-the-minute source of news for the social media-savvy, can seem baffling and cliquey to those of us who don’t devote much time to social networks. However, even if microblogging is not your thing, you should give Twitter a second look. What’s in it for me? The main argument for why you should use [...]

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