Top 3 Predicted Science Careers in 2020

Artificial intelligence, big data, cannabis legalization, climate change, and the aging population are just a few of the fields that are shaping the careers of the future. For graduate students, this means that exciting prospects and new career opportunities lie ahead. Here are a few of the top predicted science careers based on projected demand [...]

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How to: have a productive career year

If you’re anything like me, the start of the fall semester called for a fresh Moleskine planner penned with renewed productivity and ambitious goals. While your goals for the 2019-20 academic year likely include research publications and conference proceedings, this year we challenge you to add some new topics to the list: career exploration and [...]

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The Innovations Arms Race: Commercializing Life Sciences in Toronto

To learn more about the commercialization of life sciences in Toronto, I sat down with U of T Immunology alumnus, Dr. Patrycja Thompson, to discuss her role as Manager of Technology Sourcing and Evaluation at the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM). Below, Dr. Thompson discusses her career trajectory, job responsibilities, and the role [...]

Recapping 13th Annual LSCDS Career Day

LSCDS Career Day: Spotlights Written by Vaibhav Bhandari On the 23rdof April 2019, the LSCDS hosted its annual Career Day. Hoping to connect graduate students in the life sciences with professionals in industry, the 13thedition of this event served as an invitation for the students to explore future possibilities outside academia. Scientists with advanced degrees [...]

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Women in Science: Achieving equal opportunity

Written by Kyla Germain On March 9th, thousands of Toronto women and men rallied down Yonge Street for the International Women’s Day March. The theme, ‘We Are Fearless,’ artfully captured the current feminist tone which is unafraid to protest the inequalities still faced by women around the globe. Amid the colourful signs and vigorous chanting, [...]

A Conversation on the Non-Academic Employability of Life Science PhDs

Written by Pailin Chiaranunt Universities worldwide award PhD degrees in the life sciences at an increasing rate, yet the number of tenure-track positions remains relatively constant (1). It is no surprise that pessimism about the oversupply and employability of PhDs has become an important talking point among graduate students. On top of that, as the [...]

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Year-End Review: The Industry Team Case Study

Written by: Bassem Toeama 2017-2018 Year-End Review: The Industry Team Case Study Today, we celebrate the Life Sciences Career Development Society’s (LSCDS) 17th birthday. In recognition of the pioneering work that LSCDS has done in bridging the gap between academia and the life sciences industry, we bring to you a highlight of our work, the [...]

Planning Career Development Outside of Academia

We would like to share with you an excellent paper written by the Science Career Impact Project in collaboration with the Life Sciences Career Development Society that discusses non-academic careers for life sciences PhDs. This paper examines HOW life sciences PhDs gain the necessary skills to prepare themselves for the job market and improve their employability. The [...]

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Nature conducted a survey on salaries and career path in science

  Read this fascinating editorial from Nature: "Nature's survey that offers a snapshot of salaries and career paths in the scientific sector." Satisfaction in science "The Nature survey highlights the diversity of options, but it also points to issues that all researchers should keep in mind as they plot their course. From salary to job satisfaction, many things [...]

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Some Takeaways from September’s Career Seminar: Financial Literacy 101

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse It's probably fair to say that most graduate students don't think too much about managing their money. Some of us might have started saving or have had to navigate debt, but generally we're focused on how little money we actually have. Nevertheless, according to this month's Career Seminar Series speaker [...]

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