A Year in Review: Triumphs & Troubles of Science Communication During COVID-19

Featuring Dr. Glen Pyle, Co-Lead Ontario, COVID-19 Resources Canada For most Canadians, March held many pandemic anniversaries: from workplace shutdowns and border closures to the advent of Zoom socialising. But for many scientists, it also marked one-year since the beginning of their fight against COVID-19 misinformation. What began as a debate about the severity of [...]

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COVID-19 in the workplace and how to adapt to this virtual reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly shifted the modern workplace. Many surveys have highlighted this shift, with changed expectations from both employers and employees following the departure from traditional workplaces. With employees also reporting improved work life balance and increased productivity, coupled with cost savings for business, it appears this shift from working in a centralized [...]

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Three tips if you’re looking for a job during the COVID-19 pandemic

With a pandemic looming over our heads, the pressure on those entering the workplace to find a position may feel heavier than ever. Is anyone even offering  jobs with all of the hiring freezes? Are companies trying to expand during these uncertain times? Is it worth beginning a job search right now? If you are [...]

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How to: have a productive career year

If you’re anything like me, the start of the fall semester called for a fresh Moleskine planner penned with renewed productivity and ambitious goals. While your goals for the 2019-20 academic year likely include research publications and conference proceedings, this year we challenge you to add some new topics to the list: career exploration and [...]

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The Innovations Arms Race: Commercializing Life Sciences in Toronto

To learn more about the commercialization of life sciences in Toronto, I sat down with U of T Immunology alumnus, Dr. Patrycja Thompson, to discuss her role as Manager of Technology Sourcing and Evaluation at the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM). Below, Dr. Thompson discusses her career trajectory, job responsibilities, and the role [...]

New Year, New Opportunities

This year brings fresh inspiration for renewing your career development goals. To kickstart your career planning for 2019-2020, we’ve summarized some of the best campus resources, search engines, and tools for job searching below: University of Toronto (UofT) Campus Resources: Check out UofT’s Career Exploration & Education website. Survey potential paths of interest through the Career [...]

Resume Workshop brought to you by S2BN, SCIP and LSCDS!

Science trainees seeking career opportunities outside academia may find it difficult to communicate their skills and accomplishments in a way that makes it easy for hiring managers to appreciate their potential for impact on organizations. The LSCDS & S2BN are collaborating with the Science Career Impact Project (SCIP) to bring you a two-part resume workshop with [...]

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[CLOSED] BenchSci is looking to hire Scientific Analysts and Data Engineers

BenchSci decodes the world’s biological data to reduce the time, uncertainty, and cost of biomedical research. BenchSci focuses on a huge problem in drug discovery! Each year, biomedical researchers waste over a billion combined hours. The problem is with products they purchase to influence and measure proteins. There are millions of them, from hundreds of [...]

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