The 2018 LSCDS Networking Reception: Why Making Connections may be Easier Than it Seems

As a graduate student nearing graduation, the prospect of job searching has started to loom on the horizon for me progressively more ominously over the past year. Regardless of your specialty, the job market is increasingly competitive, and even a short search in the matter of employment makes it clear that to secure that [...]

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Science Policy: Bridging the Gap between Research and Politics

Written by Lidia Kazakova If you’re like me, as a researcher working in a lab to answer a particular question, you may have wondered at times: is what I’m doing going to have an impact in the “real world”? Is the data I am spending months, and sometimes years to collect, going to affect [...]

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What Is Consulting and Why It Might Be for You

By Lidia Kazakova When I first heard the term “consulting” in the context of career options about a year into my graduate studies, it did not elicit any particular excitement. On the contrary, it seemed decidedly vague - whom do you consult? What are you consulting them on? And why are so many graduate [...]

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