New Year, New Opportunities

This year brings fresh inspiration for renewing your career development goals. To kickstart your career planning for 2019-2020, we’ve summarized some of the best campus resources, search engines, and tools for job searching below: University of Toronto (UofT) Campus Resources: Check out UofT’s Career Exploration & Education website. Survey potential paths of interest through the Career [...]

Health Innovation Hub – Pitch Perfect Competition!

Health Innovation Hub Presents:   Registration: DESCRIPTION This competition celebrates and supports student innovations on Health Matters. Six student led early stage start ups will pitch for three Student Innovation Fellowships of $5,000. Wednesday Nov 7th, 2018 from 3:30 – 7:00pm @ ONRamp (100 College St.) Doors open at 3:30pm Pitches will take place from [...]

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Science to Business Network Presents: The AI Revolution

Science to Business Network Presents... The AI Revolution: Disrupting the Path From Drug Discovery to Patient Care Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare involves the use of algorithms and software to mimic human cognition in analyzing complex medical data. It has the potential to transform every step of the path from drug discovery to patient care [...]

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Pitch Perfect – Health Innovation Hub (H2i)

Calling all students, fund your health innovation by applying to H2i’s Pitch Perfect Competition This competition celebrates and supports student innovations on Health Matters. Six student led early stage innovations will be selected for the pitch competition where three Student Innovation Fellowships of $5,000 will be awarded on Wednesday Nov 7th, 2018 from 3:30 – 7:00pm [...]

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The 2018 LSCDS Networking Reception: Why Making Connections may be Easier Than it Seems

As a graduate student nearing graduation, the prospect of job searching has started to loom on the horizon for me progressively more ominously over the past year. Regardless of your specialty, the job market is increasingly competitive, and even a short search in the matter of employment makes it clear that to secure that [...]

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What I learned about Medical Writing: Tales from the Mini-Networking Series

Written by Candice Tang Medical writing is becoming an increasingly attractive job for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) graduates. But what exactly do you do as a medical writer? Are you writing technical data sheets? Updating medical textbooks? Writing a new policy for the government? The truth is, medical writing encompasses a whole [...]

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The 2017 LSCDS Networking Reception

By Anastassia Pogoutse In networking, one of the biggest hurdles is finding people with the time and willingness to talk. LSCDS's annual Networking Reception, which took place this year on Thursday, February 23, offers an opportunity to meet with industry professionals, all of whom are there with the purpose of sharing their experiences and [...]

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Applications for the Industry Team Case Study Are Now Open

Are you a Master’s student, PhD student or postdoctoral fellow interested in pursuing a career in industry? Many highly-educated graduates have been reporting difficulty obtaining their first job due to the requirement for experience outside of academia, something many graduates lack. For the second year running, LSCDS is teaming up with the Science Career [...]

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How to Find Your Own Mentor in Your Dream Career

Written by Nada Haridy Are you a few years into your graduate program and are beginning to feel lost about your career plans? Or do you have a dream career, but are not sure how to pursue it? In both cases, these are precisely the reasons why you should find a mentor. On October 27th, [...]

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The LSCDS Mentorship Program 2017-2018

With the current academic year now fully in swing, the curtain has risen on the sophomore edition of the LSCDS Mentorship Program. Inaugurated in 2015-2016, this program seeks to provide a truly unique opportunity for a group of graduate students to develop connections with industry professionals in their fields of interest. Through mentor-mentee matching, [...]

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