Women in Science: Achieving equal opportunity

Written by Kyla Germain On March 9th, thousands of Toronto women and men rallied down Yonge Street for the International Women’s Day March. The theme, ‘We Are Fearless,’ artfully captured the current feminist tone which is unafraid to protest the inequalities still faced by women around the globe. Amid the colourful signs and vigorous chanting, [...]

LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation

This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation, the plot thickens for Huawei as top US universities now ban research funding from the Chinese telecommunications firm. On a brighter note, scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center successfully constructed an 'atlas' of HIV mutations to provide insights into improved vaccine design. Finally, maybe you're feeling a bit of [...]

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Takeaways from the LSCDS Career Seminar in Research and Development

Written by Bassem Toeama “What careers exist in the industrial research and development (R&D)?” “How different is working in an academic setting from a non-academic one?” “Are corporations cutting down on R&D investments in Canada?” “Where are the opportunities in this environment?” Today, it is probably fair to say that many graduate students consider transitioning [...]

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Year-End Review: The Industry Team Case Study

Written by: Bassem Toeama 2017-2018 Year-End Review: The Industry Team Case Study Today, we celebrate the Life Sciences Career Development Society’s (LSCDS) 17th birthday. In recognition of the pioneering work that LSCDS has done in bridging the gap between academia and the life sciences industry, we bring to you a highlight of our work, the [...]

LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation

Today, for our weekly LSCDS feature of #ScienceNews and #Innovation, we share some tips and perspectives from Y Combinator (the seed accelerator behind Dropbox) on working at a startup Got inspired? Then check out these four bioengineering project ideas that biophysicist Dan Fletcher believes can solve real-world problems within the next decade Last but certainly [...]

LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation

This week LSCDS is featuring #ScienceNews and #Innovation, researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology developed a breakthrough technique to help people with spinal-cord injuries walk again. Plus, get inspired by this geneticist’s journey from struggling PhD student to founder of a $100M startup company. Finally, check out the stories of scientists-turned-politicians, as the race to control Congress [...]

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LSCDS Career Day 2016 Interview: A Conversation with Dr. Feroz Sarkari

Written By Meryam Al-waadh Career Day has come and gone. The largest event that LSCDS hosts, organizes, and runs showcased a variety of interesting and exciting career pathways outside of academia. With esteemed professionals in fields ranging from medical communications to consulting, to business development, students were left with a good sampling of advice, networks and future career [...]

The Key to a Unique Resume? Create Your Own Opportunities

I never did jump onto Facebook, so I’ve never had the chance to “cybercreep” on strangers’ personal lives.  I do however have LinkedIn and I can tell you, with absolutely no shame, I look at strangers’ profiles and examine career progressions all the time.  Once in a while, I come across a profile that I [...]

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NeuroEntrepreneurs: Dr. Shiva Amiri and the OBI Entrepreneurs Program

  Last month I had the good fortune of attending a seminar given by Dr. Shiva Amiri on entrepreneurship and opportunities at the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI).  Dr. Amiri is the Manager of Informatics and Analytics at OBI and, among many other responsibilities, leads the development and implementation of Brain-CODE - a large-scale informatics platform [...]

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Widen Your Vision: An Interview with the Senior Director of Tech Transfer at Sanofi

  Written by: Andrew Zhai I’ve known Yan Fang Ma for almost my entire life, or so I’ve been told since I have no recollection of meeting her as a young child. Yan is the Senior Director of Technology Transfer, Global Manufacturing Technology at Sanofi Pasteur (SP), the largest company in the world devoted to [...]

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