Nature conducted a survey on salaries and career path in science

  Read this fascinating editorial from Nature: "Nature's survey that offers a snapshot of salaries and career paths in the scientific sector." Satisfaction in science "The Nature survey highlights the diversity of options, but it also points to issues that all researchers should keep in mind as they plot their course. From salary to job satisfaction, many things [...]

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Trillium Therapeutics Translational Post-Doctoral Fellow

Trillium Therapeutics is seeking a post-doctoral fellow for a two-year contract. The selected candidate will be a member of the Translational Research team, specifically developing functional assays to support immune monitoring efforts for Trillium’s clinical trials in cancer immunotherapy. For more information on the position, click here To apply, please send your cover letter and resume [...]

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There will be a few food trucks you can eat off but it’s a

Or it could do a joint venture.After all, Amazon has already shown its appetite for both brick and mortar acquisitions and partnerships.Related: Trump vs. Bezos so much for the businessman presidentAmazon now owns Whole Foods, has opened more Amazon branded stores and has done two deals with Kohl's (KSS), one to sell Amazon devices and [...]

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And as I was strutting and posing

canada goose uk black friday Preventive Task Force also suggests further research into what effect screening for obesity has on long term health outcomes. Perhaps such studies will encourage the medical profession to examine its treatment of patients at higher weights. But for now, "the burden of reducing weight stigma at the doctor's office currently [...]

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Choose from romantic sunrise or sunset cruises

I choose one particularly gross Guardian as a winner (community input is welcomed/will carry weight but I make the final call). I then donate $5 to the No Shave November general fund in their name (80% of which goes to American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children Research Hospital).. [...]

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Keep in mind that this wasn extremely close either there was

Not all of these Englishes are deliberately aiming to be humorous. Take Nigerian English, for example, with its delightful coinages like for jam Farooq Kperogi of Kennesaw State University in the US has written extensively about Nigerian English. He says that the humour of terms like (and archaic turns of phrase like of the underworld [...]

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Tobler committed suicide in 1975

Hortobgy National Park is situated within eastern Hungary's section of the Great Hungarian Plain. At 800sqkm, the park is both the country's largest protected area and the largest continuous natural grassland in all of Europe. The region is especially well known for the semi nomadic mounted herdsmen (or csiksok) who once roamed Hortobgy's expansive alkaline [...]

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