What is the purpose?

Founded in 2012, the annual LSCDS Alumni Reunion is our newest event that celebrates our most valuable asset – our alumni. The Alumni Reception is a networking event that brings together current LSCDS executive members with the LSCDS alumni (previous executive members and past invited events guests) in the life sciences sector to foster collaboration, innovation, and intellectual exchange.

How does it work?

The event features:

  • A keynote address from a distinguished alumnus
  • A presentation by senior LSCDS executives on current events and future visions
  • A lively open networking period

Since 2014, LSCDS has partnered with the Alumni Relations Office at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto in order to fulfill our mutual goals of enhancing rewarding interactions geared towards career development amongst current and future alumni on campus. In 2017, the Alumni reception will be combined with the end-of-year Mentorship program reception, uniting alumni, mentors, mentees and LSCDS execs.

When does it take place?

The Alumni Reception typically takes place in the month of March or April.

Why participate?

LSCDS execs – The event is great opportunity to meet and network with LSCDS and University of Toronto alumni (including life sciences industry professionals) and university stakeholders.

Alumni – Connect with a new generation of LSCDS executive members, learn about new LSCDS initiatives and give back to your alma matter!

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