Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for ITCS

1. When does registration open?
Registration for the ITCS Information Session is open until December 6 at noon. We will be accepting applications for ITCS from November 10 – December 6.

2. What if I miss the ITCS Information Session?
If you are interested in the ITCS, but are unable to attend the ITCS Information Session, please contact the LSCDS representatives at [email protected] as soon as possible.  


3. What happens at the ITCS Launch Event (February, 2019)?
Trainees and Facilitators will be introduced to their teams. Time will be provided for discussion of team expectations and preliminary project ideas.

4. What happens at the ITCS Interim Event (April, 2019)?
Trainees will present a progress update to the entire group, outlining their project and plan for completion.

5. What happens at the Closing Event (May, 2019)?
Trainees will present their completed project to the entire group. For this short presentation, we emphasize the learning process rather than project outcome.


6. What is your trainee selection criteria?
Trainees will be selected based on a 1-page résumé and short answer questions. We are looking for driven individuals who are aware of their expectations for ITCS and how it would benefit them.

7. How many trainees are you accepting this year?
Approximately 30-40 Trainees will be accepted. There will be teams of 3-4 Trainees, matched with a Facilitator.

8. How are teams created?
After successful trainees receive their offer to join ITCS and confirm their commitment, teams will be created based on individual interest in Facilitator’s projects. Unfortunately, due to the limited number of Facilitators, we can not accommodate everyone to their top choice. Even if you are not matched with your preferred Facilitator, we strongly encourage participation as you will learn about interesting, pertinent topics and develop professional skills.

9. We are having trouble developing a project, what do we do?
During project development, you are encouraged to correspond frequently with the Facilitator. The Facilitator will provide resources in which you can become more informed of the field and may suggest potential projects. Ultimately, you make the final decision of what your project will be. You will be required to submit a project proposal 1 month into the 4-month engagement.

10. I think we are doing work that is involved with our Facilitators’ work, what do we do?
Facilitators are strongly discouraged to involve Trainees in projects related to their job. As such, please inform LSCDS or SCIP about this issue and we will work to ensure a mutual understanding.

Last updated November 13, 2018