Mini-Networking Series

A series of casual and intimate networking nights with professionals in different careers

Event overview

What is the purpose?

To provide a casual and intimate networking environment featuring multiple professionals within a specific industry.

How does it work?

The Mini-Networking Nights are smaller, focused versions of our annual Networking Reception. Each event features 4-5 professional guests from a single industry – giving students and post-docs interested in a specific field the opportunity to meet multiple professionals. To provide an intimate setting for meaningful networking, space is limited to maintain a guest to student ratio of 1:5.

The events feature:

  • Three 20-minute round-table interaction sessions between 1 guest and 5 students/post-docs.
  • An open networking period.

Why participate?

Graduate students/Trainees– Network with a group of professionals in your field of interest in a casual and informal environment and maximize your opportunity to gain multiple perspectives in one evening.

Professional Guests – Share your story and experiences with a motivated group of students, and network with your fellow guests!

Event logistics

The events take place throughout the year from September to June. Check out the events page or calendar for upcoming Mini-Networking Nights!

Upcoming event
Past events