Career Seminar Series

Monthly seminars featuring professional speakers from different industry fields

Event overview

Career seminar series provides fresh perspectives on career exploration by inviting professional speakers from a wide sector of industries to address our attendees on their positions and career paths, and to facilitate professional development by providing relevant and impactful skill-building opportunities.

Why participate?

Graduate students/Trainees – Learn about careers that interest you first-hand from people working in the field! Find out what you should be doing to successfully position yourself for a career you may pursue!

Professional Guests – Share your experiences and expertise with our attendees and help shape the next generation of graduate students as they transition from academia to industry! This is also a great opportunity to give back to fellow graduate students still navigating through the complexities of non-academic post-graduate careers!

Event logistics

At our career exploration seminars, 1 to 3 invited speakers address the crowd placing an emphasis on their journey from academia into industry, as well as a description of their work duties. A collective Q&A period is held following the talks, providing a unique opportunity for delegates to network with professionals.

At our skill-building workshops, 1 to 3 invited speakers conduct a session focused on development of a professional skill (including resume writing, creating a LinkedIn account, or navigating through a successful interview). We encourage an interactive atmosphere at these events with a lively exchange between our attendees and invited speakers throughout the course of the workshops.

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