Interested in R&D positions with focus on oncology? ImmunoBiochem is an early-stage drug development company working on tumor microenvironment-targeted biologics. Check out their job posting.

ImmunoBiochem Corporation – Industrial Post-Doctoral Fellow

ImmunoBiochem is an early-stage drug developer based at JLABS @ Toronto, advancing the development of novel tumor microenvironment-targeted biological therapeutics for the treatment of heterogeneous solid tumors.

ImmunoBiochem is seeking an exceptional recent PhD graduate to join the drug development team as an industrial post-doctoral fellow. In this multi-faceted role, the individual will work alongside ImmunoBiochem’s senior leadership to help advance the development of ImmunoBiochem’s lead molecules through preclinical studies.

Role Description

  • As a Post-Doctoral Fellow at IMMUNOBIOCHEM, the candidate will be responsible for assisting in a range of functions to help advance the development of ImmunoBiochem’s lead candidate therapeutics. The candidate will work closely with lmmunoBiochem’s Chief Scientist, VP Product Development and the Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Procedures performed would include a variety of assays (ELISA, EIA, protein assays), biochemical analyses (WB, SDS-PAGE, IF), flow cytometry and experimental models (tissue culture and xenografts). Additionally, the individual could contribute to antibody and protein production, conjugation, purification and spectroscopic characterization.
  • The candidate will help in the development of new study designs, SOPs, write study reports, and will conduct experimental and other work in ImmunoBiochem’s offices or laboratory space, as required.
  • The candidate will report to and assist the CEO and Chief Scientist in such other tasks, as may be required, including managing collaborative projects with academic and industrial partners of ImmunoBiochem. The candidate might be conducting work at multiple laboratory sites.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • The candidate should possess a PhD in cancer biology, immunology, molecular biology or a related biomedical discipline, and be within 5 years of graduation.
  • The candidate must have proven and advanced experience with cell culture, standard molecular biology techniques, and tumor xenograft models.
  • The candidate should have excellent writing and communication skills, solid analytical and critical thinking, and strong focus on execution.
  • Authorship of high-impact peer-reviewed publications, experience developing cancer therapeutics, and industry experience are considered an asset.

Please, forward your application to [email protected] by March 15th. A complete application should include a cover letter, resume/CV, and your availability. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come basis.