This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation:

An analysis of the Earth’s volcanic lava flow, along with sediment and ice core records, have allowed geophysicists to study and model the planets’ most recent magnetic field reversal. Shedding light on this mysterious phenomenon, the study aims to understand the chronology of past reversals and predict the length of future events.

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With implications of finding treatment for arthritis, a subset of immune known as barrier macrophages were observed to form a protective layer around joints in mice.

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It seems like a science fiction story come to life as a wireless device has been invented to manipulate neural circuits. Designed to be used as a wireless implant that can be controlled with a smartphone, it is hoped that the instrument will provide breakthroughs in research related to degenerative diseases of the brain such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

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Finally, a shortage in financial backing for science have turned researchers in Mexico toward crowd-funding for support.

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