This week in #ScienceNews and #Innovation, Sanofi and GSK sign agreements with the government of Canada to supply up to 72 million doses of adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine. The companies began their Phase 1 / 2 study at the beginning of September and anticipate beginning Phase 3 of their COVID-19 vaccine investigation before the end of the year.


Sufficient vitamin D level reduces risk of complications and death among COVID-19 patients. Hospitalized COVID-19 patients who had adequate levels of vitamin D had a significant decreased risk of adverse clinical outcomes.

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Three bodies of liquid water were found on Mars, increasing intrigue and potential evidence for life on Mars. However, the nature of the body of water is still under debate among experts

An image of Mars

(Image Credit: Steve Lee, Univ. Colorado/Jim Bell, Cornell Univ./Mike Wolff, SSI/NASA)