This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation, the prestigious journal “Nature” just negotiated its first deal to make some of its own and its sister journal’s articles open access, but it comes at a hefty price for the institutions that choose this route of publishing. Although some supporters agree that this is a step forward for accessible science, others disagree with the large sum of money that authors have to pay to have their discoveries available to everyone.

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Physicist Roger Penrose and astronauts Andrea Ghez and Reinhard Genzel win the Nobel prize in Physics for discovering a black hole in the center of the galaxy.

Sir Roger Penrose, Andrea Ghez and Reinhard Genzel

(Image Credit: David Levenson/Getty, Christopher Dibble, ESO/M. Zamani)

Nostrum Laboratories joins the list of laboratories that had to recall diabetes medication Metformin for possible carcinogenic effects. Nostrum’s reason for voluntary recall of their product was the higher-than-allowed levels of NMDA in the drug.