This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation:

1) A human polymerase that can copy RNA to DNA

A team at Thomas Jefferson University has discovered a unique characteristic of one of the human DNA polymerases named Theta. Based on an elegant design the team was able to show that the enzyme can efficiently convert RNA into DNA and performed better than its well known equivalent the reverse transcriptase. Considering the binding efficiency and low error rate the scientists believe that RNA to DNA conversion is the primary function of the enzyme.

artistic representation of an RNA molecule

(Image Credit: Thomas Jefferson University)

2) #Technology:

In a quantum leap, researchers from the University of Queensland have created a microscope that uses quantum entanglement to power the imaging process. According to the team with this newly developed set up a 35 percent improved clarity is expected without disturbing the integrity of a cell.

Artist's impression of UQ's new quantum microscope in action

(Image Credit: University of Queensland)

3) #HealthandScience

In a breakthrough, scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have designed an experimental drug that can reverse symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s Disease in mice. The drug revitalizes chaperone mediated autophagy to trigger purging of unwanted proteins including the defective tau proteins.

human brain toy