Welcome back to LSCDS’s weekly roundup of top #ScienceNews and #Innovation stories!

This week in MedTech, researchers have developed a new AI tool that predicts ventilator-need in COVID patients’ with 84% accuracy, based off characteristics detected in their initial chest CT scans.

A patient in a hospital bed on a ventilator

(Image Credit: Getty/sudok1)

And, researchers at Stanford have built a mini-CRISPR system. This ‘Swiss knife’ of gene editing could circumvent the challenges posed by CRISPR-Cas systems that are too large for delivery into many human cells.


(Image Credit: Ernesto del Aguila III, National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH)

Finally, a study published in Science used computational climate modelling to suggest that Arctic warming may be responsible for extreme cold spells and winter storms experienced in the United States.

People carry groceries while walking down a snowy street

(Image Credit: Montinique Monroe/Getty)