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Pharmaceutical firm Merck announced that an antiviral pill it’s developing, molnupiravir, has the potential to reduce hospitalizations and deaths by COVID-19 by half. If approved, this drug would be a revolutionary invention and the first oral antiviral treatment for COVID-19.

Close-up of orange experimental COVID-19 treatment pills called molnupiravir

(Image Credit: Merck & Co Inc/Handout/Reuters)

Researchers are warning to “expect the unexpected” as viruses curbed by COVID-19 safety measures are predicted to rebound violently. This observed “viral shift” in influenza causing respiratory diseases may prove to be yet another worrying consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A young sick woman sneezing into a tissue at home

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Finally, all 7 winners of Nobel prizes this year were male, leading researchers to criticize the lack of progress towards inclusivity and diversifying these monumental science awards.

Frances Arnold receives her Nobel Prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

(Image credit: PJonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty)