This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation, Pfizer’s new COVID-19 antiviral drug looks promising, as data appears to show that this pill has cut the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% for vulnerable people newly diagnosed with COVID-19.
Pfizer Introduces New Logo Playing Up Role in Drug Creation - WSJ

Amongst other news from the first week of the COP26 summit, the abrupt decline in global carbon-dioxide emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic is projected to be erased by the end of this year. Scientists predict that carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels will rise to 36.4 billion tonnes — an increase of 4.9%.

PANDEMIC REBOUND. Graphic plotting historical CO2 emissions. Researchers predict rates will rebound in 2021.

(Image Credit: Nature/Global Carbon Project)

Finally, researchers studied over 1000 people in California positive with SARS-CoV-2, and found that face masks matter most when worn indoors and during large encounters. Mask up!

Three people pose for a photo while in masks during an indoor holiday event in Taipei, Taiwan.

(Image Credit: Ceng Shou Yi/NurPhoto via Getty)