To bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing opportunities for academics to network with professionals and build their career knowledge.

The Life Sciences Career Development Society (LSCDS) serves to enhance the awareness of post-graduation career options. The LSCDS is managed entirely by graduate students with an interest in industry and support from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine (FoM) and School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto. As the largest and only FoM recognized career development society, our goal is to introduce potential career paths for graduate students in the life sciences. Our target population includes current graduate students (Ph.D., M.Sc.), post-doctoral fellows and research associates from U of T and its affiliated teaching hospitals.


We are University of Toronto’s only recognized society that helps graduate students learn about careers in the life sciences industry! Founded in 2001,  we are ran entirely by graduate students and we discuss careers outside of academia.


We strive to help life-science graduate students explore potential career options and build the necessary skills to transition to a career in industry through a variety of events: seminars, networking nights and workshops.


We are located in the heart of Toronto, at the University of Toronto! We are committed to serving the Temerty Faculty of Medicine graduate student & post-doc community by bridging the gap between academia and industry.