We would like to share with you an excellent paper written by the Science Career Impact Project in collaboration with the Life Sciences Career Development Society that discusses non-academic careers for life sciences PhDs. This paper examines HOW life sciences PhDs gain the necessary skills to prepare themselves for the job market and improve their employability. The work is based on the post-hoc analysis of career development activities and trajectories of life sciences PhDs transitioning from academia to industry.

The paper aims to draw a roadmap to help trainees prepare for roles outside academia, based on the experience of their peers, and suggests how academic departments and institutions can support the career development of their trainees.

Her S, Jacob MD, Wang S, Xu S, Sealey DCF. 2018. Non-academic employability of life science PhDs: the importance of training beyond the bench. bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/485268 |  ARTICLE | SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION | First posted on bioRxiv.org on 4 Dec 2018.