Science trainees seeking career opportunities outside academia may find it difficult to communicate their skills and accomplishments in a way that makes it easy for hiring managers to appreciate their potential for impact on organizations.

The LSCDS & S2BN are collaborating with the Science Career Impact Project (SCIP) to bring you a two-part resume workshop with the online portion being released the week of April 1st (to be completed on your own time before the 2nd session) and the in-person session held on April 9th from 6:00-9:00 PM


Through an intensive two-part resume workshop, participants will be challenged to translate their experiences in a way that highlights their career potential.

In Session 1 (online, self-study), you will learn and apply a resume-writing technique to transform your CV for non-academic positions.

In Session 2 (in-person), you will give and receive personalized feedback on your resume from an industry professional in a small group with your peers. 

You must complete the first online session before the second session, to be eligible for the workshop.

If you are interested, apply to participate by submitting a 1-page resume to [email protected]org with the file named:

SCIP workshop_[first name] [last name]

Deadline = Friday March 29th, 2019 at 11.59 pm (Space is limited)