The Art of Pharmacovigilance

Written by Bassem Toeama From my position as a pharmacovigilance consultant at Axiom Real-Time Metrics, I acquired an in-depth perception of the different career pathways in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry. I will walk you through these career pathways. Today I will explain in depth the tasks and responsibilities of the diverse career levels in pharmacovigilance, relate each career level with the required knowledge, experience, and [...]

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Academia vs. Industry: Mindset and Soft Skills

Written by Bassem Toeama New life science graduates seeking entry-level jobs in the industry often need guidance from an insider. From my position as a pharmacovigilance specialist at Axiom Real-Time Metrics, I realized how HR personnel shortlist job applicants for in-person interviews and perceived an in-depth perception of the different biopharmaceutical career pathways. In [...]

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Careers in Medical Affairs – The Medical Science Liaison

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse On September 15, LSCDS had its first presentation of this year's Seminar Series. September's theme was Medical Affairs and our speaker was Nastaran Abbarin, a former co-Vice President of LSCDS who now works as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL). Nastaran defended her thesis this past spring and was able to land [...]

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Get ready for LSCDS’s 10th Annual Career Day!

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse LSCDS's 10th Annual Career Day is coming up fast! This year, it will be held on May 6th, with sessions split between Sidney Smith and the Medical Sciences Building. As in previous years, attendees will have a unique chance to network with industry professionals and to attend career-focused panels. What is Career [...]

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Where Would you Fit In? Big Pharma vs. Small Start-Up

Written by: Abhiram Pushparaj You've likely heard of the big names in biopharmaceutical industry, but how many small start-ups could you name?  Overshadowed by the industry giants, small start-ups are often where many blockbuster drugs are born and raised for their early years before being licensed or acquired by the giants with the capital and expertise [...]

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