Careers In Healthcare Marketing

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse On November 29th, Jessica Wong from CPC Healthcare Communications visited the University of Toronto and held a brief information session on healthcare marketing. The information session, hosted by Dr. Nana Lee, Director of Graduate Professional Development, aimed to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to the world of healthcare marketing and to [...]

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Careers in Medical Affairs – The Medical Science Liaison

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse On September 15, LSCDS had its first presentation of this year's Seminar Series. September's theme was Medical Affairs and our speaker was Nastaran Abbarin, a former co-Vice President of LSCDS who now works as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL). Nastaran defended her thesis this past spring and was able to land [...]

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Get ready for LSCDS’s 10th Annual Career Day!

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse LSCDS's 10th Annual Career Day is coming up fast! This year, it will be held on May 6th, with sessions split between Sidney Smith and the Medical Sciences Building. As in previous years, attendees will have a unique chance to network with industry professionals and to attend career-focused panels. What is Career [...]

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Kavisha Jayasundara – Health Outcomes Manager at GSK

Written by Andrew Zhai The LSCDS kicked off its 2014-2015 Seminar Series by introducing its first ever speaker in the field of health economics and health outcomes. Kavisha Jayasundara began her journey at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus and obtained her Bachelors in Biological Chemistry. She then when on to join UTM’s progressive MBiotech program, [...]

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Widen Your Vision: An Interview with the Senior Director of Tech Transfer at Sanofi

  Written by: Andrew Zhai I’ve known Yan Fang Ma for almost my entire life, or so I’ve been told since I have no recollection of meeting her as a young child. Yan is the Senior Director of Technology Transfer, Global Manufacturing Technology at Sanofi Pasteur (SP), the largest company in the world devoted to [...]

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From neuropeptides to financial services technology solutions? A case demonstrating the value of transferable skills

Written by: Abhiram Pushparaj I first met Reuben De Almeida during undergrad at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), where we were both specializing in Neuroscience. After graduation we went our separate ways but saw each other occasionally as we both pursued graduate studies in the Life Sciences at UofT. Recently, I had the good fortune [...]

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Health Canada Assessment Officer – Interview with Adeline Ng

Written by Alex Chiang To many life science graduates, Health Canada embodies the supreme institution that is responsible for protecting the health of all Canadians. Situated in the nation’s capital and employing over 10,000 staff members, Health Canada is the federal agency that regulates a wide variety of healthcare products, including drugs, biologics, medical devices, [...]

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Career in patent law

Written by Helen Yu-Chan Chiang Patent Law is a branch of law that grants the inventor an exclusive right to use and profit from his/her invention, thereby granting the inventor a monopoly over the invention with the exchange for a full disclosure of his/her invention to the public. This exchange acts as an incentive for [...]

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Career in Quality Operations

Written by Alex Chiang Why is quality important? In the pharmaceutical or biotech industry, the end product has a direct effect on public health.  In the year 2012 alone, 184 drugs have been recalled from the Canadian market. Health Canada defines ‘recall’ as “a firm’s removal from further sale … of a distributed product that [...]

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Career in Financial Advisory

Written by Helen Yu-Shan Chiang A company’s financial situation is integral to its success, and the countless factors that play a role in determining a company’s financial position make it difficult to survive in today’s competitive market. Major decisions such as acquisitions and reorganizations can have a profound impact on the company, and require careful [...]

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