How To Start A Company – Entrepreneurship 100: Conversations

If you're interested in entrepreneurship, Toronto is full of opportunities. However, many would-be entrepreneurs don't know where to start. Entrepreneurship 100: Conversations offer a stepping stone. Organized by the Impact Centre, it is a series in which panels of early-career entrepreneurs discuss their experiences and take questions from the audience. A networking event follows [...]

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NeuroEntrepreneurs: Dr. Shiva Amiri and the OBI Entrepreneurs Program

  Last month I had the good fortune of attending a seminar given by Dr. Shiva Amiri on entrepreneurship and opportunities at the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI).  Dr. Amiri is the Manager of Informatics and Analytics at OBI and, among many other responsibilities, leads the development and implementation of Brain-CODE - a large-scale informatics platform [...]

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