A Quick Guide to a Great LinkedIn Profile

Written by Anna Zhou It is essential to have a strong LinkedIn profile to land that dream job. Hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to post jobs, search for candidates, screen applicants, and perform background checks on interviewees. But what exactly does it mean to have a strong profile? Below is a quick guide to what [...]

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Business cards for graduate students: Why they are important to your career development and how to make them

Written by Anna Zhou While graduate students often associate business cards with professionals and those with “real” jobs, these simple cards are a must-have for MSc and PhD candidates looking to get ahead in their careers. Why make a student business card? Advantages include: Making networking easier, more efficient and impactful. They are a simple and [...]

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Tips on How to Dress for Career Day (Business Casual Dress Code)

Written by Career Day Team After the completion of your degree, you will most likely have numerous job interviews, work- related meetings or public speaking opportunities. Independent of where you will end up, personal appearance is one of the most important factors in making a good first impression. Business casual is the most common style [...]

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Tutorial Series: Networking

Written by Anastassia Mikhailova The Why of Doing it In graduate school, we often contemplate on life after graduation. We dream about it and fear it at the same time. The fear comes, of course, from the uncertainty and potential lack of job opportunities. The job hunt can be associated with ‘dreadful’ networking experiences, lined with fake [...]

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