Career in patent law

Written by Helen Yu-Chan Chiang Patent Law is a branch of law that grants the inventor an exclusive right to use and profit from his/her invention, thereby granting the inventor a monopoly over the invention with the exchange for a full disclosure of his/her invention to the public. This exchange acts as an incentive for [...]

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Career in Quality Operations

Written by Alex Chiang Why is quality important? In the pharmaceutical or biotech industry, the end product has a direct effect on public health.  In the year 2012 alone, 184 drugs have been recalled from the Canadian market. Health Canada defines ‘recall’ as “a firm’s removal from further sale … of a distributed product that [...]

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Career in Financial Advisory

Written by Helen Yu-Shan Chiang A company’s financial situation is integral to its success, and the countless factors that play a role in determining a company’s financial position make it difficult to survive in today’s competitive market. Major decisions such as acquisitions and reorganizations can have a profound impact on the company, and require careful [...]

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Regulatory Affairs Professional

Written by Alex Chiang Overview The regulatory affairs professional (RA), as the name implies, is a person who ensures compliance to the laws and regulations within a regulated industry, such as healthcare, banking, and energy. This profession is currently most prominent in the healthcare sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical devices. The regulatory process is [...]

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Highlight on Government Careers: Patent Examiner

Written by Helen Chiang Innovation drives the advancement of scientific knowledge. Innovative ideas, although as priceless as they may seem, can be assigned a price and become a property of the innovator. This is called intellectual property, and it has been legally recognized by governments dating back to the 1600’s. Over the past few decades, [...]

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Alternative Careers for Scientists: Market Analyst

Written by Anastassia Mikhailova Tired of bench work? Thinking of where you can take your graduate degree? Thankfully today, academia and medicine are not the only options for young scientists like you. Scientists are increasingly diverting from traditional careers paths to pursue new and exciting opportunities ranging from business development to law where problem solving [...]

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