The 2017 LSCDS Networking Reception

By Anastassia Pogoutse In networking, one of the biggest hurdles is finding people with the time and willingness to talk. LSCDS's annual Networking Reception, which took place this year on Thursday, February 23, offers an opportunity to meet with industry professionals, all of whom are there with the purpose of sharing their experiences and [...]

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Applications for the Industry Team Case Study Are Now Open

Are you a Master’s student, PhD student or postdoctoral fellow interested in pursuing a career in industry? Many highly-educated graduates have been reporting difficulty obtaining their first job due to the requirement for experience outside of academia, something many graduates lack. For the second year running, LSCDS is teaming up with the Science Career [...]

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The LSCDS Mentorship Program 2017-2018

With the current academic year now fully in swing, the curtain has risen on the sophomore edition of the LSCDS Mentorship Program. Inaugurated in 2015-2016, this program seeks to provide a truly unique opportunity for a group of graduate students to develop connections with industry professionals in their fields of interest. Through mentor-mentee matching, [...]

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LSCDS Career Day 2016 Interview: A Conversation with Dr. Feroz Sarkari

Written By Meryam Al-waadh Career Day has come and gone. The largest event that LSCDS hosts, organizes, and runs showcased a variety of interesting and exciting career pathways outside of academia. With esteemed professionals in fields ranging from medical communications to consulting, to business development, students were left with a good sampling of advice, networks and future career [...]

Get ready for LSCDS’s 10th Annual Career Day!

Written by Anastassia Pogoutse LSCDS's 10th Annual Career Day is coming up fast! This year, it will be held on May 6th, with sessions split between Sidney Smith and the Medical Sciences Building. As in previous years, attendees will have a unique chance to network with industry professionals and to attend career-focused panels. What is Career [...]

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A Quick Guide to a Great LinkedIn Profile

Written by Anna Zhou It is essential to have a strong LinkedIn profile to land that dream job. Hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to post jobs, search for candidates, screen applicants, and perform background checks on interviewees. But what exactly does it mean to have a strong profile? Below is a quick guide to what [...]

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Lessons Learned from Networking 201: Strategies to Get the Most out of the LSCDS Networking Reception and beyond

The 12th annual LSCDS Networking Reception is right around the corner! Taking place on the evening of February 25th, this event will once again bring together a variety of industry professionals to interact with our graduate student and postdoc attendees in a round table format. Last week, LSCDS held a preparatory seminar entitled Networking [...]

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Why (and How) You Should Use Twitter for Professional Development

Twitter, the up-to-the-minute source of news for the social media-savvy, can seem baffling and cliquey to those of us who don’t devote much time to social networks. However, even if microblogging is not your thing, you should give Twitter a second look. What’s in it for me? The main argument for why you should use [...]

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Tips on How to Dress for Career Day (Business Casual Dress Code)

Written by Career Day Team After the completion of your degree, you will most likely have numerous job interviews, work- related meetings or public speaking opportunities. Independent of where you will end up, personal appearance is one of the most important factors in making a good first impression. Business casual is the most common style [...]

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Networking – the Do’s and Dont’s

Written by Anastassian Mikhailova Now that you had a chance to get your feet wet in professional networking at the recent LSCDS Networking Reception, let’s review some rules. Fluency in business language and conduct will set you apart from other people and ensure you maintain a long lasting relationship with your networking partners, ultimately landing [...]

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