Written by Career Day Team

After the completion of your degree, you will most likely have numerous job interviews, work- related meetings or public speaking opportunities. Independent of where you will end up, personal appearance is one of the most important factors in making a good first impression. Business casual is the most common style of dress code employed in most workplaces. However, fresh graduates often are not entirely certain what is defined by a business casual dress code. In general, business casual usually applies to situations such as job interviews and meetings with upper management. The following pointers offer some key guidelines on adhering to the business casual dress code for men and women.

For men: Dress pants, button-up shirt tucked in with belt, and dress shoes. For examples and extra tips, please visit:http://fashioninlife101.blogspot.ca/2012/02/dress-code-business-casual-for-men.html http://tsbmen.com/3000/business-casual-featuring-marwan-helal/1/

For women: dress pants or skirt, blouse or dress shirt, dress, and closed-toe dress shoes. For examples please visit: http://blog.womenshealthmag.com/beauty-style-buzz/what-is-business-casual/

Tips to consider: jackets are encouraged, tie is optional, polished shoes, wrinkle-free shirt or pants, trimmed/clean fingernails, no stains or hairs on clothing, well groomed for men, hair fixed.

Things to avoid: Jeans, hat, flip-flops, exposed underwear or midriff, athletic wear, tennis shoes, sandals, hiking boots, no tight fits of any sort, sweatshirts, leather wear, perfume, chewing gum.

Remember to leave a good first impression while networking at the LSCDS Career Day by dressing business casual.

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